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Foolproof Security @ Affordable Price

Professional 24/7 Alarm Monitoring

According to home insurers, a siren alone is no longer enough to deter intruders

alarm monitoring centres

Police • Medical • Fire

Live human dispatchers to alert the appropriate emergency team during a burglary, home invasion, fire or medical emergency.

Alarm monitoring via an alarm central is highly recommended for a much better protection, both for material safeguarding and for personal security.

If you can’t be reached during an alarm, the appropriate emergency responders will likely visit your property to take care of the situation on your behalf.

Alarm monitoring centres - alarm central station

Canada #1 Alarm Central

  • Over 125 years of experience makes a huge difference in our ability to protect your home.
  • Free alarm monitoring in our bundles.
  • No need for a phone landline anymore.
  • Fast safer alarm reporting to emergencies.
  • Recognized, certified ULC alarm central.
  • Redundant national alarm central stations
  • Bilingual event dispatchers and responders.

Interactive Cellular-Based Monitoring

Secure cellular technologies for a contemporary experience

GSM communication to our alarm monitoring central

Secure Cellular Connection

  • Unique inter-network via free roaming.
  • Faster and safer than legacy phone line.
  • Tamper-proof alarm communication.
  • Save money, no need for a phone line.
  • Required for home automation systems.
  • Required for remote user interaction.
  • Smartphone application.
interactive alarm system application

Remote Interactive Services

  • Remote arm/disarm your alarm system.
  • Be notified if you forget to arm the system.
  • Be notified of a specific event, such as when your child comes home from school.
  • Be notified when an intruder breaks in, even before the alarm siren goes off.
  • Smartphone application.

Life Safety Monitoring Options

Standard life-saving warning features that can really save the day

Enhanced Fire Supervision

  • Optional accurate photoelectric fire detector.
  • Detects high heat or sudden temperature rise.
  • More sensitive to real house fire burning smoke.
  • Less prone to false alarms due to kitchen cooking.
  • Can save your life, see the video above for proof.
Fireplace carbon monoxide detection - Lanaudiere Security Systems Inc.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

  • CO detection prevents dangerous air toxicity.
  • Helps track any odorless CO gas 24 / 7.
  • Can save your life and your loved ones.
  • Highly accurate and less prone to false alarms.
  • Wireless CO detector sold separately.

Damage Prevention Monitoring Options

No need to take risks anymore, protect your home assets from disaster

Gas leak explosion protection - Lanaudiere Security Systems Inc.

Gas Leak Supervision

  • Safeguard warning of a propane gas leak.
  • Safeguard warning of a natural gas leak.
  • Propane/natural gas detector sold separately.
alarm monitoring for water damage protection via our alarm central station - Lanaudiere Security Systems Inc.

Water Damage Prevention

  • Basement water flood detection.
  • Plumbing water leak detection.
  • Flood/leak detector sold separately.
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