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2-Way Voice Features

  • Immediate hands-free emergency response.
  • Remote alarm verification by a central station operator through 2-way voice audio capability.
  • 2-way voice connection to our alarm monitoring center during an alarm condition, or upon an emergency call.
  • Intercom system connects you to a trained professional who can help during an emergency.

How It Works:

  1. An intrusion or emergency alarm is received.
  2. A dispatch operator contacts the premises through the alarm system intercom speaker and microphone.
  3. Homeowner responds hands-free, from anywhere in the house.
  4. In the event of an emergency, the operator will stay on the line and talk to the homeowner (or intruder) until the first responders arrive.

A better way to help emergency responders help you more effeciently

Without proof of a real dire event, emergency responders are less likely to act promptly to help

alarm monitoring with 2-way voice capability
Alarm Verification Via Intercom
  • You are not able to call the police under duress?
  • You want the police to show up, and in time?
  • The police prioritizes real crimes, not alarms,
  • because most home alarms are false alarms.
  • Our 2-way voice feature only works upon an
  • actual alarm, therefore impossible to hack.
  • Make use of a wireless keyfob to request help.
  • First responders need information beforehand,
  • to help you better, and for their personal safety.
  • Make use of our hands-free live 2-way voice
  • service for better medical emergency interaction.
  • No listen-in possible without having an alarm.
alarm monitoring with 2-way voice capability
Live 2-Way Voice Interaction
  • Deters a burglar with more than a siren.
  • Defeats sequential burglary attempts.
  • Improved emergency response time.
  • Confirmation of a real crime in progress.
  • Vital safeguards to first responders.
  • Danger awareness during a home invasion.
  • Can save your life if you are in danger.
  • No need to risk someone’s life to go check
  • on your property during an burglar alarm.
  • On alarms only, your privacy is protected.

Like the name implies, our 2-Way Voice features work something like an intercom, but it’s much more powerful. In fact, it could help save a life. When your home alarm or a panic button is activated, two-way hands-free communication with our alarm monitoring center begins.

You and an alarm monitoring central professional will communicate through a speaker and microphone that are built in to your alarm panel. There’s no need to find a phone. The professional alarm monitoring operator can hear exactly what is taking place in your home, determine your emergency needs and send the appropriate help.

For example, if an intruder breaks into your home and you’re attacked, getting to a phone may be impossible. But the dispatcher will hear and record the incident and get law enforcement on the way to help you immediately. Likewise, the alarm monitoring dispatcher can hear when a burglar is rummaging through your home and notify police immediately.

We believe our monitored hands-free, two-way communication system offers a number of benefits.

If you’re a parent of young children, or you’re caring for an elderly relative, our monitored 2-Way Voice offers you the reassurance that your loved ones can activate the feature whenever they need it, and get help immediately, even when you’re not available.

Another advantage of our monitored 2-Way Voice is that it helps enable the alarm monitoring dispatcher to determine the nature of your emergency quickly. He or she is armed with the critical information the authorities need, resulting in faster emergency response times for priority calls.

Our monitored 2-Way Voice is especially useful during attacks and break-ins, but people with medical conditions, the elderly, and children will find the feature easy to use and comforting.

We believe this is a particularly important benefit because when an emergency takes place or an accident happens, every second counts. And when you’ve activated the alarm by mistake, you’ll appreciate our monitored 2-Way Voice which enables the dispatcher to quickly confirm the false alarm. You’ll be spared the hefty fines associated with false alarms, and forgo the hassle and embarrassment of law enforcement rushing to your home.

And you’ll be glad to know that you don’t need to worry about your privacy. The alarm monitoring dispatcher can only hear what’s happening in your home when your home alarm has been automatically activated due to a break-in or other emergency or when you manually activate it.

We recommend the monitored 2-Way Voice because it gets you the help you need fast, even if you can’t get to a phone. If you’d like to learn more about our monitored 2-Way Voice, or other monitored services we offer, please visit our comprehensive monitoring page. If you’d prefer to consult with one of our security specialists, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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